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acd software Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a technology that distributes and routes incoming phone calls to a specific group of agents that are classified and grouped according to skill sets. ACD's are often part of a computer telephony phone system.

ACD systems are required within organizations that handle many incoming phone calls and where the caller does not need to talk to a specific person. The caller does need to talk to a person skilled to handle the caller's request at the earliest opportunity.

Database Systems Corp. is a leading provider of computer telephony solutions including ACD systems and software.

Routing incoming calls is the task of the ACD system. An ACD system consists of a computer telephony phone system and software for the routing strategy. The routing strategy is a rule based set of instructions that tells the ACD how calls are handled inside the system. Most of the time this will be a set that determines the best available employee for a certain incoming call.

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Automatic Call Distribution Modules

An ACD system can be broken down into three different components.

Agent module - ACD system features are designed to ensure callers receive quality service by providing agents with a comprehensive and quickly accessible set of call processing tools. These features are accessible where they make the most sense and are easily implemented by call center managers without programming knowledge.

Call processing module - ACD software provide the phone system manager with the ability to customize ACD system configurations to meet an organization's unique call distribution requirements. Call routing handles high volumes of incoming calls and distributes them to agents or devices. Our ACD systems also support this distribution (both voice and data) to agents that are remote from the call center. (See Remote Agents).

Administrator module - ACD tools enable administrative staff to monitor agents' work and provide agents with the support they need. Supervisors can access current status displays as well as historical information collected by the system in the day-to-day management of call center operations. These ACD system features not only save a call center time and money, but can help any organization generate new revenues by increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

ACD Software Providers

  • ACD Software
    EasyIVR provides complete ACD software and phone systems that let you manage your own phone campaigns from the internet or using our 800 phone number. Auto attendant programs and call routing campaigns can be developed quickly using our IVR software development toolkit or our experienced staff can develop phone applications quickly and economically.

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