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emergency resources Emergency call center operations are becoming more sophisticated with specialized products and services for handling phone communications. From answering inbound emergency calls to alerting your community in the event of a disaster, these centers are an important part on your community's emergency handling and response.

With technology from Database Systems Corp. (DSC), your emergency response system can effectively handle incoming emergency calls as well as initiate emergency notification alerts to your community or business. DSC provides automatic emergency message broadcasting that transmits alerts quickly and simultaneously to emergency response team members as well as the community at large. IVR software lets you develop interactive emergency messages that can also allow the emergency call recipient communicate with one of your call center staff members.

Emergency notification services can be provided to communities for a variety of reasons. The following emergency warnings are samples of these types of warnings and alerts. Contact DSC to learn more about our call center phone systems and computer telephony software and services.

Emergency Resource Organizations

  • Emergency Notification Systems
    Database Systems Corp. provides the latest voice broadcasting technology including emergency notification systems and emergency alert services. You can rely on DSC to deliver your alert messages promptly and accurately.

  • Emergency Notification Services
    DSC provides the latest technology for emergency voice broadcasting including emergency alert services and phone systems. Whether you need to own and manage your own emergency autodialer or utilize DSC's emergency phone service, you can rely on us to deliver your emergency notification messages promptly and accurately.

  • Emergency Alert Systems
    911Broadcast is the emergency notification services division of Database Systems Corp. This organization provides emergency notification phone services alert communities in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency conditions.

  • School Alert Services
    Emergency school alerts can be delivered using a broad range of communication techniques to contact individuals and organizations when an extraordinary event occurs such as school closures. This emergency alert can be delivered to a small group of individuals such as the faculty or a specific campus building. Likewise an emergency notification can be sent to an entire campus and to the nearby community.

  • Emergency Communications Services
    When a critical situation occurs within your community or organization, emergency communications services from Database Systems Corp. can be used to contact employees or residents quickly and efficiently. Should a disaster such as a flood or fire threaten your community, we can provide emergency communications and evacuation instructions immediately.

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