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Emergency Notification
Call Center Emergency Phones and Services

Emergency Notification Providers

emergency notification solutions Database Systems Corp. is a leader in call center technology including emergency notification phone systems and outsourcing services.

Modern call centers are operated by companies to process inbound support calls or information requests from callers.

Outbound call centers using voice broadcasting technology place large volumes of calls to customers, prospects, or related groups that are maintained on calling lists.

Many different emergency notification resources are required to maintain an effective emergency call center including telecommunications equipment, telecom resources and emergency management software.

Emergency Notification Provider Organizations

  • Emergency Notification
    Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been a leading provider of telecommunications equipment and technology for the emergency notification industry. This technology includes automatic message delivery phone systems and our state-of-the-art call center software. DSC maintains an emergency call center, which is our emergency notification service division. This is a community service program that delivers phone messages to members of a group, organization, corporation or to an entire community.

  • Emergency Notification Services
    DSC provides the latest technology for emergency voice broadcasting including emergency alert services and phone systems. Whether you need to own and manage your own emergency autodialer or utilize DSC's emergency phone service, you can rely on us to deliver your emergency notification messages promptly and accurately.

  • Emergency Alert Systems
    911Broadcast is the emergency notification services division of Database Systems Corp. This organization provides emergency notification phone services alert communities in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency conditions.

  • Emergency School Notification
    Database Systems Corp. provides an emergency warning application that contacts members of a school including students, faculty, parents and other staff members in the event of an emergency. Offered as an outsourcing service using a secure data center or can be provided as a system that supports 2 to 500 phone lines. Our online registration for emergency notification services lets you submit your school's information using a convenient registration form.

  • Mass Notification
    Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides mass notification systems, which are emergency autodialers that provide immediate alerts and warnings to your community in the event of a disaster. DSC provides one of the most comprehensive telephone solutions and emergency notification services for the emergency alert industry.

  • Emergency broadcast
    Emergency broadcasting encompasses a broad spectrum of emergency communications techniques and the media required to contact groups and individuals when an extraordinary event occurs. This could be a disaster alert such as a flood warning or a major storm warning sent to an entire community. Likewise, emergency telephone warnings can be delivered to a small group of individuals such as during an emergency school notification or alert.

  • Emergency School Closings
    Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of voice broadcast systems and outsourcing services. Our calling services use our own managed call centers that are ideally suited for providing emergency notifications for schools and educational facilities such as emergency school closings due to severe weather.

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