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School Phone Broadcast
Solutions and Resources

School Phone Broadcasting Technology and Services

school phone broadcast applications School call announcements and messages can now be broadcast to large groups of students, parents, and faculty instantly using Voice broadcast technology. This process can send pre-recorded phone messages to a large group of call recipients from the internet or by phone.

A recorded phone message such as a PTA announcement or a team re-scheduling event can be created and sent to parents or students. Emergency alerts and school calls can be sent throughout a campus during a lockdown or critical situation. Class changes or assignments can be broadcast to an entire class or group of students. Absentee students can be reported to parents as well using this advanced school notification technology.

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School Message Broadcasting Solutions

  • Alumni Contact Services
    Our state-of-the-art message broadcasting technology that can help your alumni association communicate effectively with its members. Using our automatic phone message delivery systems, we can broadcast informational calls to alumni graduates including former sorority and fraternity members.

  • Emergency School Notification
    Emergency School Notification is a Windows application that contacts members of a school including students, faculty, parents and other staff members in the event of an emergency.

  • Campus Alerts
    Database Systems Corp. provides the technology required to send emergency school alerts to a campus during any type of emergency or special event.

  • Emergency School Closing Announcements
    Our calling services use our own managed call centers that are ideally suited for providing emergency notifications for schools and educational facilities.

  • School Closures
    These school messaging services can be used to notify students and parents of any type of emergency including school closures and campus alerts.

  • School Alert Services
    Our latest technology includes emergency warning systems and calling services using voice broadcasting. This is ideally suited for school alert services where students, faculty and parents need to be notified quickly in the event of an emergency.

  • School Reminder Service
    DSC can provide your educational institution with a complete, turnkey call reminder phone system as well as comprehensive call reminder outsourcing services.

  • School Announcements
    DSC can provide your educational institution with automatic school announcement outsourcing services. These services are provided at DSC's secure and redundant call center.

  • Student Wake-up Calls
    Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has developed a calling program that sends student wake-up calls to designated students who have a history of skipping school or showing up tardy for class. This system can also contact parents when a student does not show up for school.

Additional School Calling Service Information

The following are additional webpages that contain information regarding our School Call program.

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